“Cricket Song” is available as a paperback!

Can’t read an e-book (or don’t want to?) No problem – the official Cricket Song paperback is now available from Amazon!

All college freshman Cadence Dillford wants on school break is to be left alone with her art, her thoughts, and her diminutive and wisecracking imaginary friend. Unfortunately this isn’t to be, because her mother has decided that it’s time to introduce her painfully shy daughter to the talkative seven-year-old girl next door. This wouldn’t be the best combination to begin with, but as it turns out there is much, much more lurking in the nearby forest– and in the corners of Cadence’s own imagination– than anyone could have guessed.

I’m rather fond of this little “bedtime story” and I’d love if you read it and shared it with your favorite artist (or artist-in-training). Chuck a review up on Amazon or GoodReads too!

Cricket Song: Paperback

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