Way back in 1997, a then 13-year-old girl stumbled onto the Internet. She called herself “Pikestaff” after a character she’d invented based on the “Redwall” series of books; a hare with a penchant for causing mayhem.

Over ten years later, Pike still lives…

“Pike” has been the longtime Internet moniker (heck, offline moniker too sometimes) of the author of this blog. She is in her mid late twenties and she lives in the town where humans and Vulcans will make first contact according to Star Trek lore, and she is very proud of this fact.

Pike likes Linux, videogames, and ice cream.

She writes a lot. It’s something she does, just as she must breathe or eat. Then she puts the oftentimes questionable results on Amazon because why not.

Stay a while and listen?

Less talk, more tick-tock