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How to Support Your Local Pike and Mister Adequate

Friends and readers, this is a VIP: Very Important Post. Here at Clockwork Hare HQ, we are trying to get Pike’s other half, Mister Adequate, across the pond so that they can be together. Unfortunately, visa and immigration fees cost somewhere in the ballpark of $2000 USD. This isn’t impossible to scrape together by any means, but the saving process will take several months which we would prefer to spend, you know, already being together and playing video games and the like.

Well as a matter of fact...
Well as a matter of fact…

So! This Very Important Post will tell you all how you can help.

Many people have suggested we start an IndieGoGo or GoFundMe or the like. While this may occur in the future, for now we would like to focus on getting you guys something for your generosity. We are, of course, referring to our books.


WINDSHIFTER is Pike’s book about dragons and steampunk and demented chinchilla creatures wearing goggles. It’s sort of like Redwall meets Final Fantasy. You can read more about it here, and the Amazon link is right here.


CRICKET SONG is Pike’s book about art and imagination. It’s sort of like Alice in Wonderland meets Hayao Miyazaki with a bit of Tim Burton thrown in for good measure. You can read more about it here, and the Amazon link is right here.


THE ROAD LEADS UP is Mister Adequate’s book about how great humans are and how we’re going to go to space and do all sorts of neato stuff. It’s a unique “future history” book which is probably unlike anything else you’ve ever read when it comes to style. One reader said it was “H.G. Wells meets Isaac Asimov.” You can read more about it here, and the Amazon link is right here.


Please, check them out. These are stories we have worked on for years, hopefully to entertain you and make you think. And even if you don’t read them it’s still a couple of pennies you’re flicking our way.

If you have already bought the books and still want to help:

As I said, a fundraising job may be happening in the future but for now the very best things you can do are to:

  • retweet or share blog posts we make (increasing our audience)
  • retweet or share when we talk about our books, or perhaps most importantly,
  • leave us an honest reviews on Amazon and GoodReads.

Heck, you don’t even have to write a review, just give us whatever stars out of five. The more reviews we have, the more visibility we will get when people see that their friends reviewed or starred whatever book.

Alright, that should do it for this time around. Once again this isn’t imperative; we aren’t about to die or anything, so if you don’t have 99 cents laying around, then that’s cool. But if you DO have 99 cents lying around, and want to help a couple of dorks get together, well… you could do a lot worse than chucking it our way!

As always, thank you for your support over the months and years. We look forward to continuing to bring you stories and blog posts for a long time to come! Thank you in advance for any help and also for taking the time to read this Very Important Post. We love you, random citizen!


I Highly Recommend All Sci-fi Fans Read Mister Adequate’s Book

Ladies and gentlerobots, I would like to turn your attention outward for just a moment.

See, I’m not the only writer in my little circle– my fiance is as well.

He has recently published his first book, and it is a fascinating “future history” which sweeps across generations with true Asimovian flair. I recommend you buy it for two reasons.

Firstly because it’s very good.

And secondly because all money earned from it will go directly into the “Get Mister Adequate Across the Pond” Fund. If you recall, we live on opposite ends of the globe, and the visa and immigration fees to change this are rather intimidating. We would love as much help here as we can get!

So here it is. It’s $2.99 and you can read it on Kindle or with the free Kindle app.

Your help is greatly appreciated, dear readers, and if you enjoy the book be sure to leave a review, and then tell your friends!