*blows away dust*

Wow, I stink at updating this blog, don’t I? I’ll admit, I kind of fell out of it for a couple of weeks. As such, I also owe you all lots of Classic Video Game Mondays. Derp.

Exciting news, though, if you are one of the two people who haven’t heard yet because I’ve posted/shouted this everywhere. A publisher… a real, live publisher… has the manuscript to that novel I wrote a year or so back. Yes, they liked the query letter and synopsis I sent them and now they’re reading my book. It’s got me terrified and it’s giving me the weirdest nightmares about sudden random major errors in my book that I forgot to fix.

ANYWAYS, if everything goes well, they’ll like what they read, and hopefully this will eventually lead to physical copies of this mythical Pike Project that I’ve been dropping hints about for so long.

Oh, and my apologies if this turns into a Writing Blog for a while. I was attempting to dump all of my Writing Rambles in one spot, namely another blog that no one reads– which is fine, since a lot of my rambling is for my own benefit more than anything– but sometimes I get that itching for feedback, so you might see some stuff here, as well.

TODAY’S WRITING RAMBLE: Writing down a story is like pulling a tooth. It just sits there and bothers you until you go through the painful process of pulling it out, which sucks, but then it feels a lot better when it’s out.

(“Weird Metaphors” is my middle name.)

6 thoughts on “*blows away dust*”

  1. *squeeeeeeel of happiness for you* From one wanna-be-writer to another, good luck with your book!

    I keep a list of favorite quotes that I go back to for inspiration…or just to make me laugh. Most are from books, fiction and non-fiction, but some, like my current favorite, I found somewhere on the web: “Inspiration is like a flock of birds – sometimes it’s a lovely thing to watch and marvel at….and sometimes it’s an Alfred Hitchcock movie.” I thought it was a perfect match for your ramble. 😉

  2. CONGRATZ!!!! That’s really cool, Pike, I hope you get published! that would be amazing! I will buy a copy of your book if it gets there lol. Tell your publishers that you will tap into the untapped vein of “Redwall readers”, and that you are simultaneously tapping the upcoming vein of Steampunk readers, while keeping it light and upbeat and appealing to a wide audience.

    Good luck!!!

  3. I have to say huge GRATS!! Totally want to see Pike’s book on a news stand near me, hehe. I have a friend who is soooo nervous about publishing her book, but I keep pressing her to be confident in what she has written. It is rather awesome, imho, but you know how it is. I am a good friend so my opinion doesn’t count as much, lol. That was just me trying to say be confident in your abilities, and Good Luck!

  4. Gratz on the publisher-I hope it goes well for you!

    As for this being a writing blog? I love reading your writing and writing rambles! bring it on! 😀

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