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The prophecy has been fulfilled: Pike has returned

I’ve put off announcing this one for a little bit because I wanted to be sure I was committed, but I’ve been blogging daily for a couple of months and right now I’m feeling really good about it, SO…


Blogging about the Warcraft series (yes, series) and occasionally other video games too. I’m even writing Hunter Kindergarten posts again! I know, right?

Come check it out if you aren’t already there – and Happy Easter!

Because I Just Can’t Stop Blogging

So I’ve made another blog. Yeah, I know.

See, ever since I quit Aspect of the Hare, I’ve missed having a set genre to talk about. This blog is entirely open-ended, which on the one hand is very freeing and refreshing, but on the other hand is just… somewhat weird to maintain. I’m a firm believer in the idea that blogs, by and large, need some sort of focus. I’m sure there are some out there that don’t have a focus and do very well, but it’s a difficult thing to pull off.

I miss feeling like I’m the part of a greater blogging community. Obviously the WoW community, particularly on Twitter, will always welcome me with open arms, and I am grateful for that, but it can still get a bit lonely hanging around on the outskirts with other people who no longer play, looking in at bloggers doing what you used to do.

So it’s time for a new blog. About video games. Because really, what else would it be about?

It’s called The Android’s Closet, and while I’m still working on getting a theme and everything together, it’s there and has posts and is generally open for business!

I am doing a few things differently with this blog, though. The biggest difference is that I have a co-author, a dear friend who I’ve known forever and who has played tons of video games that I actually haven’t, so this will widen our library of potential topics considerably. He has never really blogged before, but regardless of what he says about himself, he is a gifted writer and has interesting opinions and I’m honored to be blogging alongside him. Go and say hello!

I’m also trying to withstand the temptation to use my favorite “Mandigo” theme in favor of trying a different layout, and I’m still messing with the whole general visual “look”. (Custom Pike Artwork is in the works, of course.) I’m also hoping to branch outside of the WoW blogging community and scope out the general gaming-blog community. It’s a big scary world out there, but it’ll be exciting.

Anyways, that is that! Maybe this will take off, maybe it won’t. But you’re free to join us over there to watch and read, if you’d like!

Oh, and lastly. This blog will remain intact, so don’t worry if you like reading my babblings about Linux and writing and fish. I imagine most of my video game rambles will be transplanted over to the new blog… I might even start up Classic Video Game Monday again… but we’ll see how it plays out.