I Highly Recommend All Sci-fi Fans Read Mister Adequate’s Book

Ladies and gentlerobots, I would like to turn your attention outward for just a moment.

See, I’m not the only writer in my little circle– my fiance is as well.

He has recently published his first book, and it is a fascinating “future history” which sweeps across generations with true Asimovian flair. I recommend you buy it for two reasons.

Firstly because it’s very good.

And secondly because all money earned from it will go directly into the “Get Mister Adequate Across the Pond” Fund. If you recall, we live on opposite ends of the globe, and the visa and immigration fees to change this are rather intimidating. We would love as much help here as we can get!

So here it is. It’s $2.99 and you can read it on Kindle or with the free Kindle app.

Your help is greatly appreciated, dear readers, and if you enjoy the book be sure to leave a review, and then tell your friends!



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