A Brand New Way to Help Support Your Local Pike

First of all, I encourage you to read this post here about why you want to support your local Pike in the first place!

Now then. I love writing novels for you guys, but unfortunately they take a long time to do. While I can knock out a first draft in a month or two, the editing progress can take many more months after that. As a way to provide new books to everyone quicker, I’ve been thinking about brancing out into things such as short stories.

As a proof of concept and test-run, I actually went an entirely different route– that of non-fiction– and cobbled together some prior blog posts I’d written about fishkeeping and compiled them into a handy little guide for anyone interested. That guide is now available here, and explains in simple language how to set up a new tank so that your fish don’t die and also how to read test strips. I realize it’s probably a bit of a niche guide but if you are interested, it’s there, and any sales of it go directly to the Pike & Mister Adequate Fund of course!

Until next time!

<3, Pike

2 thoughts on “A Brand New Way to Help Support Your Local Pike”

  1. Hey Pike, you can ignore if you don’t like (unsolicited advice being unsolicited and all), but you and Mr. Adequate might want to consider raising the prices on your books if you’re serious about getting income from them to help finance his move.

    You’ve both set the Kindle edition of your book at $0.99 which gives you the 35% royalty rate. If you set your books at $2.99 then you’d get 70%.

    Even if you sell three times less books (three sales at $0.99 gives you $1.04), you’ll still come out ahead by twice as much (one sale at $2.99 gives you $2.09). You both have put a lot of time and effort into writing your books. I can understand being uncomfortable asking for more than a dollar for a short story, but it’s not unreasonable to ask for more for a novel, and even if you sell less, each sale made will count more for the both of you.

    If your sales drop to less than a sixth of what you were selling before, then the higher price isn’t working, but the prices aren’t fixed on Amazon. If it doesn’t work, just change it back. And if you do sustain more than a sixth of your current sell-rate, you win!

    1. That’s actually been something I’ve considered before but I wasn’t 100% sure on it. I might give it a try. Thanks!

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