Classic Video Game Monday: Majora’s Mask.

Okay guys, sit down and I’m going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was in loooooooove with Ocarina of Time. She played it for hours and hours on end, interrupting it only to watch Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network. She played it a lot and beat it a lot and she knew where all the skulltulas and heart pieces were and she thought Adult Link was pretty cute and she dearly wished there would just be MORE of that game.

And then one day, a couple years later:


My dad rented it from Blockbuster for me. And so I sat down to play it.

For those three days that we had that game, my mind was blown with sheer AMAZING. It was everything that made Ocarina of Time great, minus Adult Link (QQ) but plus a lot of super interesting and fun game mechanics and fantastic music.

The only problem was that we’d rented it, not bought it. Link wasn’t the only one with three days. I was, too. And unlike Link, I couldn’t go back and redo it if I wanted to.

The game went back to Blockbuster. For about a week I was depressed as heck. I moped around the house and tried to distract myself by playing Jet Force Gemini. Which was a pretty fantastic game, but it just wasn’t the same.

Somehow, I have never gotten around to finding the game and picking up where I left off. So it’s a sad truth: I have never finished Majora’s Mask.

I’m not lying when I say it’s one of my biggest regrets. Curse you, Blockbuster. Someday I’ll be able to take all of my consoles out of storage and then I can find the game and then I will finish it. That day will be happy.

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  1. My brothers played Ocarina of Time. I tried, but I never could get the hang of the controller for whatever console that came out on (I can recognize an X-Box now!). I loved the story, and would watch my brothers play it for hours on end:)

  2. @ Wulfa – I actually really liked the N64 controller. I think I was kinda weird though. Oh, and I liked “watching” games too!

    @ krizzlybear – oh man, THOSE YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Link catching on fire over and over, I don’t even.

  3. Seriously?! Do you have a Wii? Or a Gamecube, cause I will be happy to let you borrow my copy (provided that it will be returned in working order). Cause one cannot start a Zelda game and not finish!

  4. I remember when Paper Mario came out, and there were NO copies anywhere. [I was told at one point there were only around 1000 for the whole of Australia] I managed to find one on an online store, but after ordering it they told me that their warehouse guys had discovered that the game had been damaged in storage and apologised profusely but there were no more copies to be had.

    Some time later, I discovered the Blockbuster Video in my town of 40,000 had not one but three copies of the game. Life is unfair.

  5. I am in quandary as to who was more annoying: Navi, or Tingle. Navi was more persistently annoying, but at least she was confined to just one game. Tingle reappeared in subsequent titles, so that’s probably the deal breaker.

    Tingle is quite possibly the most annoying NPC in the history of video games.

  6. @cyberbat:
    Either you’re lucker than me or plain evil. For those not familiar with the game, the only way to save is by returning to the first day. When I replayed Majora’s Mask on the Gamecube, it had a nasty habit of crashing. Always on the 3rd day!

    Beware the Gamecube Zelda Collector’s Disc!

  7. While I loved ocarina, the wife and I could not get into this one, we got into it and were like wtf so we stopped

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