A conversion of Doom starring anthropormorphic pieces of cereal.

Your argument is invalid.

It came in boxes of cereal.

That is all.

And you just nostalgia’d.

6 Responses to “Classic Video Game Monday: Chex Quest”
  1. Saithir says:

    That screen is titled “Zorching a Flemoid” on Wikipedia.

    I don’t want to know. I’ll go hide in my corner now.

  2. Isaac says:

    Never played that one, but thinking of spoof games just reminded me about Pong Kombat. Finish Him! (or her, case depending!)

  3. Llanion says:

    Actually, judging from that shot, it’s a port of Wolfenstein 3d, DOOM’s predecessor. The more you know!

  4. Cinderhaze says:

    I remember getting that from a box of Chex, and then downloading the sequel (Yes, it was so good they made another one!)

    It was very entertaining, and I believe you can find an open-source version of it floating around out there on the web.

  5. cyberbat says:

    One of the best games ever!

  6. Logan says:

    Those green guys are the Flemoids! And didn’t they make like 4 diff. ones? I gotta check for these disks.