Ode to the NaNoWriMo Graph

Dear NaNo Graph,

I hate you for sucking up all my free time.

For tying me to the shackles of an enticing statistic. “Your daily wordcount average is dropping! OMG, get your butt over here and write before it’s TOO LATE.”

For making me write piles of crap when I couldn’t think of anything else to write.

For making me look at my story that I loved at the beginning of the month and hate it for all its flaws. …well, okay, dislike it. Dislike myself for coming up with it and for not being prepared to fix the flaws and for putting my characters into such a trainwreck.

For making me keep writing anyway when I wanted to stop and do something else,

for forcing me to solve problems,

and making sure I didn’t quit because then how embarrassing would the graph look?

And that, NaNo Graph…

…that is why I love you.

50k, back-to-back.

7 thoughts on “Ode to the NaNoWriMo Graph”

  1. *joins the 50k-b2b club*

    Pike, you are my favourite source of writing encouragement…other than the cute barrista at starbucks that gave me a free white chocolate mocha on the day that I won. But those people come and go. PAIKU IS FOREVER

  2. My graph AND story are a train wreck!

    But I crossed the finish line after a miracle of a last day so at the moment I don’t care how my graph looks. My first success in 2002 looked liked yours except I had to finish on the 26th because I was house sitting somewhere without Internet and knew I wouldn’t be able to verify.

    Congratulations to us all!

  3. @ Krizzlybear – <3

    @ Bamos - thank you!

    @ Capitalnineteen - CONGRATS!

    @ Anonymouse - I have been kind of lax on those lately. I think a lot of is that I'm coming down to the really, REALLY good games and I always feel like I should do better at talking about those...

  4. *chuckles* My NaNo graph is all kinds of weird, because I didn’t update my wordcount regularly (though I was plucking away at my story), so it has days of no change, then WHOOP, huge spike…then more days sitting level….etc.

  5. Oh NaNo graph! Mine was definitely a large chunk of motivation that kept me writing until the last day, and to keeping writing just a little bit every day. There was only one day that it didn’t grow, and I wanted to keep it that way.

    Now hmm, if only they made a NaNoWriMo achievements system! How great would that be!

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