Classic Video Game Monday: Halo

Hi, everyone! I’m here to make you feel old. I figure, I’m turning 27 in a couple of days, it’s the least I can do to spread the feeling-old-cheer. Ready?

Halo came out over nine years ago. That’s right. There are kids these days playing video games who have never lived in a pre-Xbox world.

You’re welcome.

Halo is one of exactly two traditional shooters that I’ve actually enjoyed, the other being Goldeneye 007. My memories of Halo, though, are a little different. See, I played a lot of multiplayer in Goldeneye, but I also played a lot of the story mode. A lot. In fact I think my focus on that game was getting through the story mode. As proof, back then I could quote probably half of the lines from the game.

Anyways, I played the story mode with Halo, too, but that wasn’t the point of the game for me.

The point of Halo was hours and hours and hours of multiplayer. Mmmyep.

Who doesn't remember this map?

Hours of making crazy novelty “[insert random weapon name here] only” modes
Hours of accusing people of “screen-looking”
Hours of me getting the tank and subsequently racking up more kills than should be legal
Hours of people getting the tank before me and shoving it into the cracks in the wall in Blood Gulch so I couldn’t get it
Hours of “three on one” fights against my brother because he was stupidly good
Hours of this game simply not getting old despite the fact that there were only, what, like 12 different maps? And we played Blood Gulch 80% of the time anyway?

Halo was, to put a simply, a period of a few months of my life that I remember fondly. School was getting tough and my job at the time sucked, but I could come home and wrangle up some friends and family and notch up the frags long into the night. I wouldn’t be this “social” with a video game again until World of Warcraft, and it just was a ridiculously fun experience.

Thanks, Bungie. <3

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  1. I too have fond memories of halo multiplayer, but the majority of mine are different….. My friend had the xbox, I did not get one till a year later. when he got halo, I spent several weekends over at his place, and we took our time beating the game on legendary. While we reran the game on legendary often, when we did play multiplayer it wasnt traditional. We were just 2 people, and I can only obliterate my friend so many times before he is annoyed and I was bored. So we would pick LARGE maps, sidewinder, blood gulch, etc, and we would place tanks in the center of the map, in strategic spots near bumps in the terrain. we would then spend inordinate amounts of time ramping warthogs off the tanks fenders, spinning them and trying each time to get a better jump and still land.

    It was WAY more fun than it sounds. I remember being devistated to find that the warthog physics had changed in halo 2 to make this no longer possible.

    BTW, I recently turned 26 (oct) so I understand the whole feeling oldness. Since I dont actually know when you turn 27, Happy Birthday!

  2. Blood Gulch!

    Okay, Blood Gulch, no vehicles, and yes, absurd one-weapon-only modes.. those were some good games.

    But wow, those graphics are terrible. They seemed so awesome back in the day.

  3. I loved the original Halo. Back in the day I would hang out with some friends after work, set up two projector screens in two diffrent rooms and play Halo until like 6 in the morning. 95% of the games took place in Blood Gulch, the other 5% on Sidewinder. Man I loved Blood Gulch.

    I HATED that pistol though. I’d rather get sniped with a true sniper rifle than that cheap thing.

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