Geek Wars II: The Revenge of Geek Wars

I got some more questions in the comments for last time. Rather than just answer in the comments, I figured I’d make a new post.


Coke vs Pepsi: I actually don’t drink either, I’m a Dr Pepper/Mountain Dew kinda person.

iPhone vs Android phone: No real interest in either. My current phone is the cheapest one I could get at the phone store. I use it to make calls, check my e-mail when I’m bored at work, and, since I lack a digital camera for some reason, take crappy pictures. I don’t really need or want anything else. (Except possibly a twitter client.)

If I had to get one I’d probably go with Android if only because I am not a big Apple person. The one product of theirs I had was an (old) iPod, and my experiences with it were pretty iffy.

Edit: I have been informed that Android runs Linux; that’s another reason I’d go with that one. /fangirl

MS Office vs OpenOffice: Seeing as I am a Linux and F/OSS junkie I’m pretty sure this one is a given. Open Office for life!

Laptop vs Desktop: I have both. I use the desktop the most– better screen resolution and I can play more games on it. I used to use the laptop a lot more than I do now, but these days it’s mostly been relegated to the role of backup computer if something happens to my desktop and I need to Google the problem.

I have to give my laptop credit, though; it was the first thing I ever installed Linux on! It has run Kubuntu and only Kubuntu for three and a half years.

Yahoo Messenger vs. MSN Messenger: I use Pidgin. Back in the day I used to have AIM, MSN, and YIM all hooked up to it but I dropped YIM a couple years back when the last holdout on my buddy list who still used it switched to MSN.

Back when I was on Windows I actually liked the MSN interface. But yeah, haven’t seen it in years; I just use Pidgin now, so all the messengers look the same to me…

Gmail vs. Yahoo Mail vs. Hotmail: Gmail, obviously. I do have fond memories of Hotmail and my first e-mail address (this was back before they were owned by Microsoft), but I have since moved on. Yahoo Mail I never used.

Picasa vs Flickr: I don’t use either. =X

WordPress vs Blogspot: I actually have a pretty strong opinion on this. It goes WordPress Self Hosted > Blogspot >

I honestly, truly, do not understand this trend where people switch from to has less customization, in my experience, and doesn’t let you use javascript (so you can forget your fancy WoWHead links or whatever.)

The only reason I can think of to pick over Blogspot is if you plan on switching to self-hosted later.

Anyways I know I’m going to get all the “But I love WordPress!” comments, and you know, I love WordPress too. Self-hosted WordPress. But yeah >.>

Facebook vs Twitter
: I signed up for Facebook five years ago or so. I lurked around for about a month, then got bored and quit using it.

I logged in again about two or three years later, looked around, still had no interest, and logged out again.

A couple of days ago I logged in for the first time in two-ish years, primarily because I’d had some 50 friends’ requests in that period of time and I felt bad about ignoring them. I logged in, added (most) everybody, left some sort of “I never log in” notice and tossed up a couple of pictures, and then disappeared again.

I guess I just figure: I’ve got LiveJournal (since 2004), DeviantArt, two blogs, and a Twitter… I don’t really see anything that Facebook has that I don’t already have elsewhere!

So yeah, my vote here goes to Twitter.

Star Wars: What order to watch the movies? IV – V – VI – I – II – III. Honestly when I have kids they’re not gonna see the prequels until they have the first three good and memorized. *cough*

Asimov vs. Heinlein vs. Clarke: I’m an Asimov junkie. “The Last Question” is the greatest short story that has ever been written. Ever.

Hmm, think I got everything there…

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  1. We should sooooooo start making tesla facts.

    When tesla sneezes, small towns light up for days.
    Tesla invented the greatest thing ever, but kept it to himeself because he didnt want all future inventors to look bad.

    Tesla doesnt invent, he sees the future and makes it happen

    Tesla isnt actually dead, he just found a way to turn himself into pure energy and is now powering half the world.

  2. Will, did you really have to go there?

    Yes, Tom Baker was good, and when Peter Davison took over I had a lot of trouble seeing him as other than Tristan Farnon. Davison did grow on me but the series finally lost me when Colin Baker took over.

    Of the new three I preferred Tennant over Eccleston. That’s not to say Eccles wasn’t good, in fact he was quite good and I thought really captured the essence of The Doctor, but Tennant was better still.

    Matt Smith came in with some big shoes to fill and I wasn’t terribly enamored with him to begin with but I will say that he has grown on me A LOT and for such a young Actor has done amazingly well in the role. His affectation for Bow Ties is a brilliant quirk and when he defended his fashion choice in one episode, adamantly stating “Bow Ties are cool,” I LLOL’d. That is I Literally Laughed Out Loud.

    As a purist, yes, Tom Baker over the other 3 (anyone from Davison through to McGann doesn’t really count).

    But as an old-time fan who’s also loving the new series it’s a toss up between Tennant and Smith. I think Tennant has the edge but he also got his masterpiece with The Master (pun intended), and those episodes were just amazing. That said, Smith has already shown he has the potential to overshadow his predecessors, and I would not be surprised to see him do just that.

  3. My fav Asimov story is The Bicentenial Man. I read it many a time. When I learned they were going to make a film from it I was overjoyed but hoped they wouldn’t frack it up. When I learned that Robin Williams was to star the lead role I became worried. When I walked out of the cinema I was destitute. I vowed then never to watch another film with RW ever again. 🙁

    But then Nightfall is also an awesome story.

    But then again most of Asimov’s stories are awesome, even if some parts don’t age well like all the nuclear stuff.

  4. @ Morkuma – I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    @ Will & Capn John – Is now a bad time to mention that I have never seen Doctor Who?

    @ Markus – I would love to read more Asimov. In fact, I’d love to read everything he wrote someday!

  5. protip Pike: read him chronologically, at least with regards to the Foundation and Robot stories. *wink* 😉

  6. And by the robot stories I specifically mean the larger detective stories starting with The Caves of Steel

  7. when you said not an apple fan, i cried. Everyone should be an apple fan.
    Android, is based off of the Iphone so much, Plus Iphone can video chat and has a 5 megapixel camera with a 5x zoom, and yes they rock buy millions.
    my macbook pro, the first Gen, witch went out of date about 5 years ago, and my 1 year warranty (then i couldn’t afford the extended warranty) expired long ago. this year my main circutboard went bad, and i took it in, expecting to pay 1,000 dollars which i don’t have, but they said they would replace both my whole circutboard and disk drive for absolutely free. and i picked it up the next day.

    and thats the top 10 reasons to buy an apple 😛

  8. @tamaren android had vid chat a while ago.
    my droid has a 5x zoom and a 5mp camera
    andoid is NOT based off of iphone. took some hints from the way it works, but we had multitasking long before you, and folders, and a bunch of other things, who’s copying who 😉

  9. Haven’t read much Asimov until now, but after some research and reading, that’s apparently a cardinal sin!

    Still gutted you have not picked sides in Coke’s war against Pepsi. I mean, obviously, picking sides has to be done while pretending to not know of the horrible nature of the corporations behind the products, but hey.

  10. “Last Exile vs. Steamboy”


    Why do I have to make a choice here? Anime is anime, why can’t you just love both of them? Last exile, because it’s longer.

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